Aug 302017
Unleashed Potential Dog Training in Texas.

I decided to look more into how I could better myself and our dog training. I wanted to see what other training options were out there other than “Compulsion” which was the only way I knew. I leanred about Unleashed Potential and how he uses methods that has the dogs working with heart and soul […]

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Jun 132017
Have you ever been bitten

Last week I took time out of my busy schedule and did a career day talk at the Somerset Middle School. My niece is a guidance counselor there and since I happen to be the world’s greatest uncle, I showed up and dazzled the eighth graders with my presentation on being a dog trainer. When […]

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Apr 272016
Socialization of your dog is so important, but do you know what it really means?

Socialization means introducing your dog, or ideally your puppy under the age of 16 weeks, to as many things and situations as possible that it will experience in her life.  Examples include: Objects Sounds People Textures to walk on Activities To be effective, when you introduce your dog to new situations, do it in a […]

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Oct 122015
Basic Dog Training Tips

Recently while out with Coco my German Shepherd at an event in Pembroke Pines I was asked about dog training tips. Coco can do many simple tricks like sit and down using non verbal hand commands only. To make it more entertaining, Coco will do this for little kids. I can ask a child if […]

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Mar 152015
Therapy Dog Training

Recently Coco and I were invited to a Dog Therapy event in Fort Lauderdale. It was at the Lauderdale Small Boat Club. They support Canine Assisted Therapy (CAT) which serves South Florida. Coco and I are proud to be part of CAT. Many people ask how we got to be part of the organization or more specifically […]

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