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Coco Coty on Furniture

I always meet with potential new clients privately first. I get some information on the dog and discuss any problems they are experiencing.

One of the questions I always ask is this: Do you allow your dog on the furniture?

I would say at least 80% of dog owners allow their dogs on the furniture.

There are many dog trainers who strongly advise against this. They tell owners the dog has to come off the furniture.

What is my view on this? I always ask the same question:

What are your terms?

Do you want the dog on or off the furniture? It’s your dog. It’s your terms.

I really doesn’t matter to me. I know this is contrary but here is why I do not have a problem with dogs on the furniture.

I have met thousands of dogs and many of them were allowed on the furniture. In fact, most of them were.

Who am I to step in and tell someone to get their dog off the couch when they are not having a problem. Different story if the dog is showing signs of aggression and has claimed the sleeping areas as his.

Here is what I do recommend.

I strongly recommend a structured relationship. Your dog should understand you have status in the relationship. This is done by controlling your dog’s basic needs.

Food, games, social interactions, and resting areas.

Your dog should understand you give them permission to be on the couch. When a dog comes into my house I always walk up to the dog and tell him to get off. I then sit where the dog was laying down.

I do this until I can walk up to the dog and the dog jumps off without me having to tell him to do so.

Now we have an understanding.
And having a structured relationship with boundaries is EXTREMELY important when you have a dog.

Remember Letendre’s Learning Ladder:

  • The 4% Club
  • Tools
  • Communication
  • Structured Relationship
  • Dog’s well being (physical, mental and nutrition)
  • Management
  • On Your Terms

Everything with your dog starts with your terms. Then you must manage your dog’s behavior, make sure your dog gets enough physical and mental stimulation and is fed a quality diet.

As you move up the ladder you develop a structured relationship, learn how to communicate to your dog (yes and no), use the right tools, and you become a member of what I call the 4% club.

If you think the relationship with your dog could improve, get a free consultation with me. You can get started by going here NEXT: FREE Dog Training Consultation 

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